Ken Seeley

Keynote Speaker - Lunch Day 1

Finding Your Truth…What is holding you back?

Ken Seeley has been featured on the Emmy Award winning A&E television series Intervention and founder of Intervention911, one of the most prominent and successful private intervention services in the country. During the lunch plenary session on Tuesday, June 18, Ken will share his experiences about addiction, denial and how to break through the barriers that are holding you back.

Whether coping with a severe or a soft addiction, a life-threatening situation, or just an impediment to true happiness, we’re all in denial about something. It might be small and seemingly innocent, such as the fact that you’re not trying to excel in your job as much as you could or should be. Or it could be much larger and destroying your life. The truth is, no matter who you are, no matter how small or large your problems may seem, denial is holding you back from living your life to the fullest.

Mary Parks

Keynote Speaker - Lunch Day 2

The Keynote Speaker on Wednesday will be Emmy Award winning journalist Mary Parks. She is the  central Los Angeles Bureau Chief at Spectrum News as well as creator and host of “American  Spirit”, a weekly PBS television series. Parks will deliver a motivational talk about leadership and

 perseverance when it appears the odds are against you.  

Dr. Cid Pinedo

Keynote Speaker - Day 2 Closing Plenary

The Closing Keynote Speaker on Wednesday, June 19th is the highly inspirational Dr. Cid Pinedo, CEO of the Children’s Fund.  He is a respected executive and educator, human services advocate, and fundraiser with deep roots in the Inland Empire. Dr.  Pinedo has led the Children’s Fund nonprofit organization in its mission of giving vulnerable children support, opportunity, and hope by breaking destructive cycles through his vast network of community partnerships.  “Growing up in an under-resourced community of poverty,” said Pinedo, “I learned that through hard work and commitment, we can be agents of change.

Dr. Pinedo’s message of action in the face of adversity, and being bold in speaking truth to power is a powerful ending to two inspirational days of learning and advocacy.  

Panel & Breakout Session Topics Include:

Looking for Money in All the Wrong Places

Join a group of funders who value investing in infrastructure and growth for nonprofits and learn about upcoming opportunities to evaluate and grow your agency.  Hear from seasoned nonprofit professionals who have navigated the challenging funding landscape and come out on top.  Invest in yourself and your agency by attending this exceptional session. 

Placemaking & Profit:

Finding Balance in Workforce Housing in the Inland Empire

We know that for individual communities to thrive, the businesses within those communities must be competitive, and the people employed by the businesses must earn enough at the very least to afford life’s basic necessities, but when workers find themselves with no choice but to move further and further away from their place of employment in order to afford housing or live in stable neighborhoods, quality of life measures suffer.

Taking Care of Our Kids’ MINDs

Every day, our young people attend school, and yet a high percentage of students report not feeling safe on campus or having access to mental health services they need.  In this session, hear directly from the advocates that work with students and their real-time struggles, while also learning about innovative and successful initiatives. 

This session will give attendees the tools they need for implementing a variety of proven strategies that are vital to our students’ success and wellbeing.